PIP Breast Implant Update for NZ Breast Augmentation Patients

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SInce my last post regarding the French manufactured PIP breast implants, it has been revealed by the New Zealand Association of Plastic Surgeons (NZAPS) that approximately 20-25 patients had breast augmentation surgery in New Zealand using these implants. These patients had their surgery performed in Wellington by the same Plastic Surgeon. There is a suspicion that further cases may have been performed using PIP implants by a non-Plastic Surgeon in NZ. Most patients in NZ with PIP implants will have had their surgery performed in the UK, Europe or on cosmetic surgery tourist trips to Asian countries. If there is any doubt about implant brand by a patient who has had breast enlargement surgery, the advice from NZAPS is to contact the Surgeon or Clinic where the surgery was performed. Medical records will be available to confirm the type of implants used. PIP implants are clearly a minority number in comparison to the number of safety proven implants used in NZ, such as Silimed, Mentor, Allergan and Inamed. If you had PIP implants used in breast enlargement and your surgery was performed in NZ then a Plastic Surgeon affiliated with NZAPS will provide a free consultation to assess your breasts, implants and discuss possible management. To find a NZAPS member visit http://www.plasticsurgery.org.nz/. There are differing opinions and recommendations between different countries as to whether these implants need to be removed or replaced with or without evidence of implant failure, leakage, breast shape change or discomfort. A consultation will assess each individual’s particular situation and formulate a personal plan. At this stage in NZ the Public Health system is not providing removal as a service for patients with PIP implants. If removal or replacement surgery is sought a NZAPS member will be able to provide an estimate of costs.

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