My Hands Make Me Look 15 Years Older!

“The Fountain of Youth” – Dr Chris Porter’s inside view of cosmetic surgery where he aims to help you to make the best possible informed choice and achieve your cosmetic surgery goals.

The top of our hands are subjected to the same aging and sun damage as the skin on our faces. As we get older our hands may develop thin skin, wrinkles, patchy brown spots and lose the cushioning fat that softens the skin. Loss of this fatty layer makes the veins and tendons more obvious giving a skeletonised appearance.

Thankfully there are some relatively simple procedures that can make your hands appear more youthful.

Patchy pigmentation, fine wrinkles and thin skin can be treated by peels, either chemical or laser or IPL. Maintenance of this improvement requires regular use of sunscreen and vitamin A cream.

To conceal obvious veins and tendons the best procedure is structural fat grafting, this will re-fill the thin fatty layer and provide a softer appearance to the skin. It has been proven also that fat grafting can improve the skins color and texture. Structural fat grafting is performed by moving fat from another part of the body, such as the tummy or buttocks, and then transplanting them to the back of the hands. The fat is inserted by a series of small injections. Fat is a better option than synthetic fillers as fat will survive permanently whereas synthetic fillers will last  maximum of 12 months.

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